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Part No. T10001

Say goodbye to flimsy plastic clips and hello to the ultimate cable protection. CableSafe from Illumino Ignis is here to save the day, providing the safest way to secure fire resistance cabling inside trunking.

Our incredible invention is fast, robust, effective, and completely fireproof. No more worries about cables becoming entangled or collapsing during emergencies. We've got your back.

CableSafe is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, just like those brave firefighters out there. It can handle extreme temperatures, vibrations, and anything else you throw at it. We're not joking around when it comes to safety.

Don't risk the hazards of using inadequate cable support methods. Be a responsible superhero and ensure your cables are protected with CableSafe. We meet all the necessary standards, so you can rest easy knowing you're in compliance with BS5839-1.

Key Features

  • Prevents cable collapse in fire situations

  • Fixing hole to suit 11/2” x 8 screws

  • Helps maintain clear exit routes with no danger of entanglement

  • Quick and easy fixing with fold over fastening tabs

  • Fits 2-core 1.5mm Fire Performance Cable

  • Suitable for size 1: 16mm x 16mm and size 2: 25mm x 16mm trunking

  • Meets BS5839- 1 requirements

  • Zintec (passivated) steel with a melting point of over 1000°C


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