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Engineers Workstation

Part No. NS4-5251

Need a hand? The all-new NS4-5251 Engineers Workstation manufacturered by Illumino Ignis is an essential accessory that any engineer will need.

When on site many engineers have nowhere to place their laptops whilst plugged into the panel, resulting in laptops and other essential tools being positioned on risky and inconvenient surfaces.

Our Engineers Workstation is compact and robust solution to give any engineer a lending hand.

The purpose of the Engineers Workstation is to allow the engineer to have easy access to their laptop or any of their tools whilst working with the Fire Alarm Panel, Distribution Board or any other wall-mounted enclosures.

This is possible by having a hooked lip that sits on the inside edge of the open enclosure or if there is no lip to attach to, engineers can use the two thumbscrews at the top to secure the Engineers Workstation to the base of the enclosure.

The workstation comes complete with a retractable tray which can be pulled out and secured using thumbscrews to give stability against the wall.

The product is compact and after use folds away so it can be stored within its heavy duty cardboard case.

Product Specification

  • Material: Aluminium NS4 5251, 2mm

  • Colour: Black textured epoxy power coated finish

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 

  • Closed: 420 x 270 x 77

  • Open: 420 x 470 x 365

  • Area for laptop (L x W) mm: 400 x 315

  • Weight: 3.5kg

Compatible with all leading Fire Alarm Panels and Distribution Boards


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