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Engineers Test Key Set

Part No. T10052E

Do you need quick access to your call point keys whilst on site? Look no further than the T10052E Engineers Test Key Set.

Filled with 15 of the most popular Call Point and Emergency Lighting test keys within the industry the Engineers Test Key Set houses all types of test keys on the extendable keychain that can easily be mounted onto your belt allowing for easy access to any key you may be after.

What's Included?

  • D10004 - KAC Call Point Key

  • D10004NS - Apollo Call Point Key

  • D10011 - Fulleon Call Point Key

  • D10012 - STI Call Point Key

  • D10013 - Old-Style Menvier Cooper Call Point Key

  • D10016 - Gent Call Point Key

  • D10018 - Fike Call Point Key

  • D10019 - CQR Call Point Key

  • D10020 - Gent Vigilon Call Point Key

  • D10021 - Vimpex Call Point Key

  • D10030 - Global Call Point Key

  • KEY18 - MEM Emergency Test Key

  • KEY19 - Legrand Emergency Test Key

  • KEY20 - Crabtree Emergency Test Key

  • KEY21 - MK Emergency Test Key


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