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Engineers Resistor Kit

Part No. T10004

Essential for all fire alarm engineers

Lost an end-of-line resistor?

No spares have been left in the panel? 

Problem solved...

The fire alarm engineer’s resistor kit is an essential item that every electrician/fire alarm engineer should have in the back of their vehicle. Our kits contain the most common resistors and capacitors used in fire alarm systems and other electronic equipment, so you won’t be left in the lurch on that all-important job. 

Once you purchase a kit, you can reorder the individual items so you never have to buy another box again... just give our sales or technical department a call quoting the product part number as indicated inside the box. 

If you work with a certain fire alarm or piece of electronic equipment which requires a special type of resistor or capacitor, then contact our sales or technical department and we can utilise the four special compartments in our resistor & capacitor kit to cater for your individual needs.


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