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Fire Alarm Engineers Call Point Key Kit

Part No. T10014

Do you need to give your customer a key for their call points, but don’t want to part with one of your keyring sets? 

Our kits contain five of each of the 9 most popular Call Point keys to make sure you’re never without. 

We can also provide special keys on request.

What's Included?

  • 5x D10004 - KAC Call Point Key

  • 5x D10004NS - Apollo Call Point Key

  • 5x D10011 - Fulleon Call Point Key

  • 5x D10012 - STI Call Point Key

  • 5x D10013 - Old-Style Menvier Cooper Call Point Key

  • 5x D10016 - Gent Call Point Key

  • 5x D10018 - Fike Call Point Key

  • 5x D10019 - CQR Call Point Key

  • 5x D10020 - Gent Vigilon Call Point Key


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