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Fire Proof Dry Lining Box

Part No. TC0137

Looking for a fire-proof dry lining box that will comply with all the necessary regulations? Well, look no further! Our amazing fire-proof dry lining boxes are just what you need.

With our fire barrier pads fitted, these boxes are fully compliant with the latest BS 7671 Wiring Regulations and Document B of the UK Building Regulations. So, you can rest easy knowing that your installation is safe and up to code.

But that's not all! Our dry lining boxes also come with some fantastic features. They have a double back entry fire barrier, ensuring maximum protection. And with a wide securing flange, you can be sure that these boxes will stay securely in place.

No need to worry about different board thicknesses either. Our boxes are designed to suit board thickness ranging from 9 to 32mm. So, whether you're working with thin or thick boards, we've got you covered.

Product Specification

  • Shape: Round 

  • Diameter: 60.3mm 

  • Depth: 34mm 

  • Material: PVC-U 

Key Features

  • Double Back Entry Fire Barrier 

  • Wide securing flange 

  • To suit board thickness from 9 to 32mm 

  • Auto swivel snap out clamps 

  • Intumescent fire barrier pads 

  • Designed for ceiling installations 

  • Dual ø20mm Knockouts 

  • Max load at 60°C 3Kg (Ceiling Application) Supplied with 2 off M3.5 x 40mm CSK screws 


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