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Anti Ligature Detector Base

Part No. T10048

The Anti Ligature Detector Base provides additional safety to occupants within secure facilities.

With a built-in magnetic switch that provides loop continuity when multiple items are removed. Once in place, should a load of more than 3.4kg be exerted on the installed lower base unit, it will separate, disconnect the electric power connection and prevent the formation of a potential ligature point.

Another feature is the anti-contraband lip that prevents the seclusion of banned substances.

The Anti Ligature Detector Base is also approved for in-cell detection by National Offender Management Service (NOMS) in England.

Key Features

  • Built in magnetic switch which provides loop continuity when multiple items are removed 

  • Anti-Tamper lip to prevent storage of contraband between base and detector 

  • Simple design and easy to install 

  • Certified to 3.4kg release load 

  • Easy to reinstate the device if removed 

  • Approved for in-cell detection by National Offender Management Service (NOMS) in England 

  • Labour saving installation as no need for T-Breaker to maintain loop continuity 


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