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Fire Installers Fixing Case

Part No. T10050

Are you an engineer who is tired of never having the correct fixings for your fire alarm installation? Well, worry no more because at Illumino Ignis, we have got the perfect solution for you!

Introducing our T10050 - the ultimate Fire Installers Fixing Case. This extraordinary case comes packed with a variety of different fixings that will ensure your fire alarm installation is done smoothly and efficiently.

From screws to brackets, clips to cable ties, we've got it all covered in our T10050 case. No matter what type of fixing your fire alarm installation requires, our case will have the right one for the job.

What's Included?

  • 100x - Single Red P-Clips

  • 100x - Double Red P-Clips

  • 100x - M4 x 25 Brass Pan Head Screws

  • 100x - M4 x 12 Brass Pan Head Screws

  • 200x - 8 x 1" Wood Screws

  • 200x - 8 x 1½" Wood Screws

  • 100x - CableSafe Clips

  • 100x - Red Metal Nail Clips

  • 200x - Self Drilling Screws

  • 100x - Metal Wall Plugs

  • 100x - Red Plastic Wall Plugs

  • 100x - Red Single Linian Clips

  • 100x - 200mm Metal Cable Ties

  • 100x - Tywrap Bases

  • 10x - 15amp 2-way Porcelain Connectors


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