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Flame Retardant Lightweight Ceiling Pattress

Part No. TC0136

The Lightweight Ceiling Pattress is a quick and easy pattress solution that takes the hassle out of traditional ceiling installations. 

Simple cut and install above original ceiling tile for a strong and fire solution for your electrical fittings.

Using plywood or MDF as a pattress when installing electrical products is arduous and time consuming. 

The ceiling pattress is super lightweight, strong and easy to cut or drill meaning installations can be completed far more quickly.  

Additionally, the product is flame retardant and LSF removing a key component of the fire triangle. 

Key Features

  • Super lightweight Correx material that’s easy to handle and store 

  • Pre-cut 595 x 595mm squares 

  • No need to cut or saw plywood/MDF 

  • Pre-chamfered edges for a quick fit 

  • Flame retardant and self-extinguishing 

  • No waste or dust

  • Weight tested to 5kg

  • Can be cut with hole saws or stanley knife

  • Material: Twin walled polypropylene Correx

  • Sold individually.


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